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High end Vixen Japan telescopes and accessories
Vixen Optics AU is the Australian Distributor for Vixen Telescopes, Mounts and accessories. The quality of Vixen products is long well known in Japan and elsewhere around the globe. Vixen.Co has been producing superior optical products for over 60 years and their interchangeable systems allow users to swap out telescopes and mounts whenever needs may change. Each Vixen telescope is meticulously crafted using high quality glass and coatings to deliver a superior viewing experience. Vixen Japan's assortment of “Go-To” mounts provides many options for the consumer. The New Sphinx SXD2 and SXP Mounts with compact STARBOOK TEN Hand Controller are innovative in the field.
Video tutorials on using the worlds very best compact camera tracking mount
The awesome smooth super precision equatorial mount
See how the professionals and leading amateurs are using VIXEN Polarie

See the amazing results with Polarie by photographers around the world

Amazing clarity contrast and wide field viewing

So if you're looking for seriously good optics then Vixen's long standing and well-established history of quality manufactured optics for astronomy and other recreational and professional pursuits is well worth considering.

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